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There are times we come across things we love and we just have to share.  This post is about a book, an author, and site which the author, Dan Roam, hosts called the Napkin Academy.  I became acquainted with the author through a webinar last year and was instantly fascinated with his ideas on using your visual mind for products and services.  Though he focuses mainly on business,  these precepts translate into other areas of life as well.

One of Mr. Roam’s main concepts is using simple pictures for better communication.  His drawings enlighten the mind and he states that no matter your ability, you can learn to draw, and develop a better message through doing so.  (And let me tell you, my drawings are not wonderful, but Mr. Roam prompted me to continue and practice.)

During my time at the Napkin Academy, Mr. Roam brought in guest authors, artists, speakers, and other business professionals to draw integrating ideas together.  For me, this process opened my mind to a realm I probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.  It’s amazing what you can see when someone cleans your glasses and opens your eyes to new possibilities.

Dan Roam has other books and strategies to lead you further than this.  He trains fortune 500 companies in strategy development and communications and comes across as just a regular guy.  He has a knack for breaking the complex down into simple terms, and this is only one reason I recommend him. There are many more.

I will put a video of a sample of my work and…

urge you to chuckle with me, but while doing so, remember, this- Dan Roam is a wonderful author whom you should check out.  In my view, if you want to succeed, you need to “Draw To Win.”

You will find Dan Roam at the Napkin Academy.


Sincerely, BG

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  1. Monna Ellithorpe | 9th Feb 18

    Hi BG,
    This was an excellent presentation. You don’t give yourself enough credit with your videos and presentations. Of course, we all know how well you write.

    We’ve got to get this Writing Tribe up and running.

    • admin | 9th Feb 18

      Thanks so much, Monna. I really appreciate it. I will have to get back to making videos, just because it’s a good
      tool to have under your belt. I agree… we will have to get it back up and running. Thank you, again for commenting.

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