Daisy and Rose


Daisy and Rose


A simple daisy, and an elegant rose,

Were swaying in breezes- relaxed, yet composed.


Their welcoming fragrance, in balmy night air,

Lured others near them to enjoy and compare.


“That rose is a beauty; the daisy’s so fine.”


“That daisy’s plain simple; the rose is sublime.”


“They both are quite lovely in different ways.”


“The rose exudes passion; the daisy- she fades.


Then Rose smiled at Daisy, and Daisy at Rose.

They’d heard it before… deja vu, I suppose.


Two different opinions others have shared,

But, Daisy and Rose were beyond it to care.


They’ve blossomed together in sorrow and mirth;

Their roots were entangled, in rich northern earth.


They’ve stood and they’ve fallen in sunshine and snow

They’ve danced to the whispers of breezes that blow.


When they join together their strength fortifies,

And friendship’s a bonus for binding their ties.


We’re all rather special in different ways,

As proven by Daisy and Rose’s display.


Their love for each other, and love for themselves

Cause neither to waver in vision, or else-


The judgments of others could injure their minds.

The pledge to stay true to their quest was combined,


Regardless of others, despite the tall tales,

Their value is tied to belief in themselves.


They promised no judgment, no reason, or note

Would topple their faith, or diminish their hope.


Instead of believing what others have said

They chose to keep dancing and growing instead.


This plain simple daisy, and elegant rose,

Still dance on their hillside in elegant clothes-


Emitting sweet fragrances into the dale,

Wearing red velvet, and the pinkest pastel,




Enjoying their friendship, and blessed by their role

Of refreshing others with beauty of soul.


So, strengthen yourselves and pay critics no mind,

Like Daisy and Rose you will learn how to shine.


B.G. Jenkins ©2017


For two of the roses in my life, Cathy Smith and Monna Ellithorpe, who have both been wonderful friends and loving advisers.

Thank you both for your caring ways and beautiful spirits.  <3

Much love and respect,





  1. Monna Ellithorpe | 1st Jan 18

    OMGosh Brenda, This is so touching and beautiful. Tears in my eyes this New Year’s Day but they’re tears of joy.

    Thank you so much. We have been through a lot, you and I online, as I know you and Cathy have but we will keep our faith and move on in 2018.

    I love you and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year, dear friend.

    God Bless you!

    • admin | 1st Jan 18

      Hi Monna, you are most welcome, and have been so much help to me over these last years. I treasure the person that you are.
      Thank you so much. God bless you! Love, Brenda

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