Daisies, Trees and Poetry


You can find fields of daisies everywhere you look.  They pop up randomly.  They are simple and delicate rolled into one.  However, you must not mistake their simplicity for dull, for they are vibrant, beautiful and put a smile on the face of most country styled magazine readers. So, if they’re so common and simple, why talk about them? Because I’ve loved them most of my life.  There’s a freshness about them.

I can even remember a T.V. show that I watched when I was young called, “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.”  I’m not sure if that’s where my love of daisies came from, but I do think that daisies brighten up a place.

Though, you may be new to this site, I want to assure you that it’s not about flowers or gardening, but about the things I love which are flowery and simple.  Those ordinary things in your life which warm your heart.

And the next thing for me is my love of trees…

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”

-Joyce Kilmer


This love came about when I was in the fifth grade. Our teacher, Miss Hale, was teaching poetry that year, and the first poem I remember memorizing was “Trees,” by Joyce Kilmer, and this is where my love of trees developed.

Trees are another one of the things of nature that inspire me.  Trees are so giving. They give you shade, shelter, furniture, books, and oxygen.  How could we not love trees.  Who isn’t thrilled by playing in leaves, or sitting under a tree and being awed by its majesty!

And we’ve only touched lightly on poetry…

Those sweet cadences of the whispers of words.

I’ve spent many moons dreaming of, and writing about, the things above.

So, if you’re into happy-sappy flowery stuff, like words, memes, poetry, and things, you may have found the right place.  I hope that we will become well acquainted.

Have a beautiful day,

Sincerely, BG

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