Breathe, Cry, Sing and Write…Is Your Heart In It?

Breathe, cry, sing and write…is your heart in your writing process?  When you write a great piece, all of this comes through in your writing…the emotion.

Have you ever read a great book and the words just bring all of these emotions together?  One minute your can’t breathe and the tears are falling, and the next you’re singing some great love song.  I love romances, and what better romance can you have in your stories than with your words, no matter what type of story it is.  When you’re in the element of writing, your heart and soul comes through, even in a scientific study.

You don’t believe this?  A great story will keep you tied to the page and you can’t look away.  It’s just so fascinating that you want to learn all you can about it.  This actually happened to me yesterday.  I was reading a study about polyphenols in foods, and the results they have on your overall health.  This doesn’t sound like much of a read, but I was glued to the page because of this doctor’s overall excitement about what he had discovered.  You could tell that he had put a lot of heart into his research, and his enthusiasm came through.  These are the types of things that keep readers coming back, your heart and emotion in the read.

Not everything is hearts and roses, and not everyone wants that.  However, whatever you’re writing, put some emotion into it, whether it’s a drama, romance, mystery or a scientific study.  We want to see you in it, as well as your perspective.

(Yes, this video is older, but it aligns with my point, and I like it.)

How do you get your heart into your writing?

  1.  Write about something your love.
  2.  Read something you love.
  3.  Learn about something you love.
  4.  Try reading some poetry (maybe this is only for me).
  5.  Listen to music as you write.
  6.  Doodle as you write.
  7.  Start writing and keep writing until you get into the flow. And if your topic is a report that you’re not really interested in, then find something in it that you love, and find a different way to look at it.  Then put your heart in it.

The quote in the picture above inspired today’s post.  I loved it, and then found the great picture.

We all love those heart felt moments.  No matter which form they come in.  Find yours.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, BG 

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